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Piranha Bytes - Sascha Henrichs Interview @ World of PB [updated]

by Dhruin, 2007-07-05 01:13:57

Update: The interview was first published by the Czech fan site WoPB posted German and English (see below) translations.

Piranha Bytes' level designer and texture artist Sascha Henrichs has been interviewed at World of Piranha Bytes. The conversation mostly covers Sasha's background and experiences on the Gothics:

And than came Gothic 3. Was that a great change? Suddenly working with something completely different: next-gen graphics and new programming tools and equipments? How did you get accustomed to that?

Yes, it was really a great change since we didn’t know anything about these techniques. That's why we made so many bad normal maps, forced too many polygons on some parts where it wasn't necessary and so on. We made many mistakes... but we must have made something right too since the overall graphical beauty of G3 is - well, at least in my opinion and with all video settings on maximum - still in the lead when you compare it with similar games like Oblivion, Two Worlds etc. Our level of detail is still unmatched by any other current game of its genre.

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