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Project Phoenix - Forums & Devs

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-31 00:02:39

Project Phoenix has a new update talking about the forums, and the developers.

Forum Registration

Developer Backers that pledged $400 or more will receive access to the forums first. As this group will amount to a maximum of 542 accounts, it will be much easier for me to manage the first week following Kickstarter campaign. We will then work on giving everyone else access to the forums in groups, by order of pledge level.

Each backer will be sent an e-mail requesting that you respond with your preferred username, and we will create the account, and send you a temporary password. This means that backers that pledged higher will be given the opportunity to choose a username first.

Developer Group

As listed in the rewards, Developers will gain access to the following:

- Private Discussions/Developer Forums

- Most Current Developer Build of the game

That’s a bit vague though, right? That was done intentionally, because I did not want to limit the access that we will be granting or promise anything we may be unable to deliver. Everyone has their own set of skills that they can bring to the development table. Whether it is programming knowledge or years of playing video games, we want your experience and insights on our team.

You will have access to the ideas that we are only discussing within the team, and be able to contribute to the conversation. Before anything is released this group will be aware of it first, which is why a NDA will be required.

Information about

Project Phoenix

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