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Project Phoenix - Pledges & New Rewards

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-17 01:29:22

The developers of the JRPG Project Phoenix sent out a new press release  with information about Paypal pledges, and new rewards.

Project Phoenix RPG Unveils Paypal Pledges and New Rewards

Tokyo, Japan – January 20, 2014 – After raising over $1 million through its crowdfunding campaign, Project Phoenix, Kickstarter’s first Japan-based video game project, continues its funding efforts through Paypal, which can be found on its website (http://www  Currently, the Paypal system only works for new pledgers, who are encouraged to visit the pledges website at to contribute to Project Phoenix. 

The Paypal rewards list retains many features of its Kickstarter campaign.  Its tiers offer backers physical and digital copies of the game’s soundtrack composed by legendary Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu, the game’s artbook, a map of Azuregard, the setting for Project Phoenix, and a documentary about the making of Project Phoenix.  However, it also has a slate of new in-game items such as Death’s Mantle, a long, hooded accessory your characters can equip, a shadow phoenix pet, and, if you pledge higher, a shadow phoenix that serves as your character’s mount.

“We’re very excited to see our Kickstarter campaign continue through Paypal.   We’ve already been able to implement challenges like having your entire party battle inside a kraken.  Additional resources will allow us to make the journey through Azuregard a more enriching, engrossing experience,” says Project Phoenix Director Hiroaki Yura.  “On top of that, the rewards, particularly the shadow-themed ones, will help us show fans the darker side of Azuregard and give them a taste of what they can look forward to from the game’s story.”

Plans are in the works for Project Phoenix to allow current backers to upgrade their pledges and to open a storefront, where backers can purchase additional Project Phoenix items such as a 1/8 scale figurine of one of the game’s characters and other items currently in the planning process.  More information about these features will be unveiled when they’re ready.

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