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Risen 3: Titan Lords - Interview @ RPG France

by Couchpotato, 2014-08-26 05:57:09

RPG France offers a translated interview with Björn Pankratz  the Lead Game-Designer, Projectplanner, and Storywriter at Piranha Bytes.

Do you intend to work only with Deep Silver, or do you consider working with other, more ambitious, publishers ? Maybe it would allow you to take it to the next level, with more means

We ever had the possibility to make game, we wanted to play by ourselves and the cooperation with Deep Silver works well. But what the future will bring, we will see
I believe remembering that you intend to get into the development of other genres of games. Could we have more accurate informations on this topic

We don't know anything about this rumors. We're really successful in making RPG's and like it, so you could say "Never change a running system". Of course you should never say never, but there is no other genre planned at the moment.

Risen 3 seems to intend to be much closer to the first opus than to Risen 2. Is it a personal choice from the developers, or are you following the community's reclamations

Both of it. With Risen 2 we we wanted to develop a real pirate RPG, so we went too strong into one direction. With Risen 3 we wanted to use all of our forces and of course had a look at what our fans wanted to see, so we made a mixture of fantasy and caribbean setting with a huge world, more choices and interactions.

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