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RPG General News - Fire Emblem-style Strategy RPG by Helldivers 2 Veterans

by Hiddenx, 2024-05-14 18:03:58

Couchpotato spotted an announcement for a strategy RPG on Gamesradar:

Helldivers 2 veterans are making a Fire Emblem-style strategy RPG complete with "horny" romance thanks to Baldur's Gate 3 and Hades 2

A group of Helldivers 2 veterans has spun off into another company to make a "narrative heavy" strategy RPG like Fire Emblem, complete with romance because one developer wants "the game to be horny."

Talking to Inverse, former Helldivers 2 lead writer Russ Nickel talks about the inspirations that informed his approach to the popular co-op shooter, D&D, and more. As the interview comes to a close, the chat shifts to what's next for the former Arrowhead Game Studios staffer.

"We just decided to spin off into our own company and we're making a tactics strategy RPG like Fire Emblem," Nickel says. "But it's very narrative-heavy, so Fire Emblem if it were published by Annapurna. So a deeply indie, emotionally poignant tactics game, that's also of course very funny with character-based comedy."

Nickel goes on to say that the idea is that the medium reflects the narrative and vice versa. While Helldivers 2 does "a really good job of that," the team is considering what that looks like for a tactical RPG. 


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