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RPGWatch Feature - CivCraft Interview

by Myrthos, 2015-09-04 13:01:19

We interviewed Arik Helman from Larkon Studio about CivCraft, which is currently on Kickstarter, after we were bribed with the promise of receiveing a bunch of keys. We are suckers for things like that, so here is the result.

RPGWatch: You explained the Espionage pack in one of the updates. What about the stretch goal following that the Arch-Mage pack. Can you shed more light on that goal?

Arik: The Arch Mage pack adds a whole new mechanism to CivCraft's magic abilities. This package allows you to develop one of the three mage type, to the point that you can destroy entire armies.

The Arch Mage pack introduces the Green Mage, who can summon monsters, heal soldiers in battle and create his own golem army out of rocks or iron.

Another class is the blue mage, who can shield entire cities against siege weapons, harness the power of gravity to stop armies at their tracks, or teleport himself between key locations.

The most destructive class is the Red Mage. This class is the least versatile but the most powerful one, as a red mage can light entire fields on fire, summon meteorites and destroy a battalion with a single spell.

An Arch mage is not easy to master, as you will need special minerals, buildings and spell books to level yourself or your heroes. However, a high level Arch Mage can be more dangerous than the army that follows him.

P.S. Once we get the keys, we will have a raffle.

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