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RPGWatch Feature: Depths of Peril Interview

by Dhruin, 2007-02-21 23:30:17

Soldak Entertainment's indie action/RPG Depths of Peril still has a relatively low profile but the addition of a dynamic strategy layer to the usual formula sounds like it might make for some entertaining gameplay.  We had the chance to throw some questions at founder and lead, Steven Peeler:

Broadly speaking, Depths of Peril is an action RPG with strong strategy elements.  It has all of the things you would expect from an action RPG like fast action, tons of monsters, exploring a world, developing a character, and gathering lots of loot.  The thing that makes it stand out is the strategy backend.  You lead a faction (called a covenant in the game) that is fighting for dominance over all of the other factions in the city.  Defeating the other covenants takes diplomacy, trade, and eventually wars and raids.

Head here to read it all.

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