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RPGWatch Feature - ELEX Gamescom First Look

by Myrthos, 2015-08-17 22:59:49

Piranha Bytes has a new game in the works, based on a new IP, named ELEX. Given the history of Piranha Bytes, I was obviously interested and scheduled a meeting with them to find out more. Unfortunately there was not a hands-off demo , but there were some videos and I wrote a summary of what was told.

The story behind ELEX is that it takes place on a planet similar to Earth. At some point in time a big meteor crashed into de planet, wiping out most of its civilization with only a few groups surviving. With this meteor a new substance came to the planet, called Elex.
This substance integrated with everything on the planet, flora and fauna, and it mutated things as well, but can also be used to create powerful weapons and tools.
Furthermore it can be consumed as a drug, which will give the consumer very magical powers, but will also degenerate them in the process, making them lose all of their human feelings and emotions and leaving them without any empathy for others.
The biggest part of the game will be about choosing between using Elex and gaining absolute power while becoming dehumanized or not using it and keeping your humanity.

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