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RPGWatch Feature - How To Kickstart Your Creative Project

by Dhruin, 2011-12-22 00:15:14

Jacob Way, the Producer of the Zombie Survival RPG, I Shall Remain, talks about how to kickstart a creative project using crowdfunding based on their recent experiences:

Kickstarter had a relatively high sucess rate that was very attractive. We believed it could one, help fund our game's development, and two help spread the message. Our game, I Shall Remain- just had a rough time on Kickstarter. At first it did great. In the first ten days we raised almost $1300.00 dollars for it. Then the pledges ended and never came back. Our Kickstarter page ultimately did not bring in enough money to reach our $12,000.00 goal. It wasn't all for nothing though. We learned a lot about marketing and we hope by sharing this knowledge we can help others be sucessful.

So, why did we end up with a flop?

Read it here.

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