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RPGWatch@gamescom - ELEX

by Myrthos, 2017-09-07 16:00:05

With the amount of info that has already reported on ELEX, here is another article from my Gamescom visit with more, but not with a lot of new information.

Magalan, the world of ELEX, is one big continent with no loading zones and different landscapes, such as forests, a desert, ice covered mountains and a volcanic region. Elex is the material that was released on the world after a meteor crashed on the planet, which changed the world forever. That meteor carried the substance Elex with it and Elex started to integrate with everything on the planet. There are a total of four factions in ELEX and each of them use Elex in a different way.  There are the Berserkers who live in the forests and who are able to convert Elex into mana to use that as a source of magic. Then there are the Outlaws, who live in the desert and use Elex as a drug. They are an anarchistic bunch and steal and plunder what they can. The Clerics reside in a volcanic environment and they use Elex as a power source for their machines. And finally there are the Albs in the icy mountains, who use Elex for weapons and also consume it, which has turned them into emotionless beings. Neither of the factions like each other much as each of them wants to have Elex for their own.

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