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Sacred Fire - Spring Update

by Hiddenx, 2024-05-14 17:59:35

Couchpotato spotted the spring update for Sacred Fire:

Spring Update

Act 3 testing and its impact on 1.0 release

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the latest update from the trenches of solo development.

First things first - the testing of what’ll be available of Act 3 will start at the end of spring, meaning by the end of June. Those waiting for the full release, will then have to wait a little bit longer, as the feedback and amount of bugs in the testing build will determine the 1.0 release date.

While our last update was marked by the joy of writing out the story to its full potential, the increased scope meant spending more resources on localization and voice-over, putting increased pressure on the development. It’s thanks to my publishing partner’s flexibility and my determination that we tackled all the hurdles and can now bring you the good news of the game moving towards the finish line in an uncompromised state.

I understand the wait is long, both for players who’ve experienced the game recently, and for those who’ve been waiting for a conclusion to the story for a long time. That, however, is the road we went down ever since releasing the first public demo - of expanding the scenes with more player choice and NPC reactions based on your feedback. With Act 3, we wanted to avoid the common ailment of games in this genre - diminishing player choices, unanswered plot threads and patch-on endings.

Instead we tried to create many satisfying moments for many different playthroughs, addressing truly rare game states.

So, we want to thank you. Thank you for your feedback, your support, and your patience over the years! It's thanks to you that Sacred Fire could grow into what’ll hopefully end up being a satisfying choice-driven experience for all of you.

P.S.: Oh, and yes, for those kindhearted players out there, don’t worry, we’ve heard you: there will be an option for non-lethal attacks to stop the dogs in Act 1 as well.

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