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Sector Unknown - Space Travel

by Hiddenx, 2024-04-20 18:13:04

Couchpotato spotted a new Sector Unknown devlog:

Devlog: Space Travel

Sector Unknown is host to a variety of different planets that can be travelled to.
In Sector Unknown you find yourself stranded on the desert planet Maku. From there, once you find a ship of your own, the stars open up to you with six story planets available to explore and bring under your control, either through diplomacy or by force.

From your base, you choose your ship and pilot - combat success hinges on their piloting skills.

Launch into space to investigate your local system, which includes planets ripe for mining. Initially, Maku is the sole story planet, serving as your home base. However, advancing the story unlocks a jump gate to a new system featuring planets like Nabi, a harsh desert world, and Sjo, a shimmering aquatic planet, each with their own settlements.

Each system has their own jump gates, guarded by the oppressive Star Frontier, and must be conquered and claimed for use. The star combat system is still being worked on, so I don't have a lot to show there yet, but you will occasionally be able to interdict both Star Frontier and pilot vessels through combat, pacifying your systems and controlling traffic in and out of each.

Sector Unknown, once removed from star charts by the resource-greedy Star Frontier, is a critical battleground. These planets and stations, once under your control, are crucial in your mission to expel Star Frontier from the sector.

More to come!

Sector Unknown - Prologue

Sector Unknown - Prologue is a free demo version of the full game, coming out soon.
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