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Shadow of War - Interview

by Hiddenx, 2017-10-03 09:17:37

Game Watcher interviewed Andy Salisbury, Monolith's community manager, about Shadow of War:

Andy Salisbury from Monolith chats unique player experiences, online, Nemesis, and getting into FPSs again

The second Middle-Earth game from Monolith Productions, Shadow of War, is almost here. We’ve already checked out the game and it’s playing, well, a lot like Shadow of Mordor, just with a little more riding dragons and facing Balrogs. Which is honestly no bad thing. But we wanted a bit more depth to the making of the game, so we also sat down for a chat with Andy Salisbury from Monolith to give us some insight into Shadow or War. We chatted Nemesis, Orc Tribes, Multiplayer, and whether Monolith will ever get back into making FPSs again.

Andy’s the Community Manager for Monolith but he’s also a Writer on both Middle-Earth games. Consequently the first thing we asked him about probably should’ve been the story, instead of, er, whether the sequel to Shadow of Mordor was set in Mordor. “It stretches out beyond Mordor a little!” Andy admits. “At the beginning you witness the siege of Minas Ithil, where it gets taken over by the Nazgul and becomes Minas Morgul. You get to help defend that siege, and actually get to start in Gondor.”

Thanks Farflame!

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