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Shadow of War - Review

by Hiddenx, 2017-10-25 20:31:41

HotHardware reviewed Middle-earth: Shadow of War:

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Review, PC Gameplay And Performance With Orc-Slaying Fun

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - Good Times Killing Orcs

The war resumes in Middle-Earth Shadow of War and we’re on the front-lines reporting in with a fresh review and performance analysis. This month Warner Bros. Interactive released their action-RPG sequel to 2014’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is here placing players in the familiar shoes of Talion, a highly-capable human Ranger with special powers. Together with the dead Elf King Celebrimbor, whom shares his body, they must use their combined skills to traverse the various lands of Middle-Earth, dispatching or "Dominating" the many Orc hordes in hopes of amassing an army formidable enough to topple Sauron for good.
Even now, we can’t wait to jump back in to Middle Earth: Shadow of War. The game really is that fun. We have much of Middle-Earth still to claim and more army-building, which means more satisfying Orc-brainwashing. Plus we have several Orc captains who’ve made our Nemesis list. They may be sneering and gloating now, but Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is one of few games that pokes at your vindictive side so intimately and continues to antagonize the player to take action. And take action you will, over and over, as these two key game mechanics never seem to get old. Middle Earth: Shadow of War - we highly recommend it.


  • Epic, engaging battles
  • Combat is fluid, hard-hitting, sastisfying
  • Bolstered Nemesis system adds fun factor
  • Varied and personal engagements
  • Larger setting variety and solid visuals
  • Addictive army-building


  • Lack-luster story line not true to lore
  • Graphic engine beginning to show age
  • Mild control issues

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