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Solium Infernum - Diaries @ Fidgit

by Skavenhorde, 2009-11-23 14:28:23

Gamebanshee reports that Fidgit's Tom Chick has recieved a preview copy of Solium Infernum. He has written two game diaries about it. The first one titled "fat, lazy, greedy, and totally hawt" is about playing a fat, lazy, greedy archfiend with tons of personality. The second one "arms and the demon" is all about combat. He goes into a lot of detail on the various aspects of the battles and what it takes to win. Here is part of both Diaries:

I am a fat lazy greedy archfiend named Spall who hasn't moved any legions from my stronghold since the game began 12 turns ago. Since I'm merely a baron, I start out with a lousy starting legion anyway. It packs a passable punch when it comes to infernal combat, but it would be slaughtered by anything with ranged or melee ability. The more noble demons get the better starting army.

I recently bought Defilers, a group of middling melee warriors, from the Infernal Bazaar, which is where you get all your units. But I haven't bothered to move them out yet. The problem is that I've been using all my orders yelling at my minions to bring me more resources. More souls! More ichor! More hellfire! And especially more darkness! Lots more darkness! Now go. Fortunately, fat lazy greedy demon that I am, I'm also fairly charismatic, so the minions are pretty motivated. They bring me back a decent good selection of loot. Furthermore, there's been a fortuitous resurgence of evil in the human world lately. It's one of the events that can pop up in the game when a player plays an event card. I played a similar event earlier and got a spectacular windfall of resources.

The first thing I buy are wyrrmm mounts. These are like sandworms from Dune, but with a big metal helmet/bridle thing clapped onto their noggins so they can be ridden. With them, my unit's hit points are added to their melee damage to represent the worms trampling their enemies. Damage is normally determined by simply comparing the melee value of two units. If I have a five and you have a four, you take one point of damage. But with my wyrrmms, if I have a five and you have a four, and I furthermore have ten hit points, you take eleven points of damage. Now you're probably dead.

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