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System Shock - Major Update

by Hiddenx, 2024-04-12 17:43:19

Couchpotato spotted update 1.2 for System Shock:

Patch 1.2 & -55% Sale Now Live!

Female Hacker, Reworked Final Battle and Cloud Saves among many of Shodan's Update.

Citadel Station is renewed, Shodan is renewed, and so will you be. Hacker!

Shodan has learnt from the 1st forays to take her down. Ever watching and optimising her realm of ruin. She invites you to scurry and survive in her corridors once more. Your efforts only serve to prove what an excellent drone you'll make.

We've made many changes based on the feedback of assimilated insects. Indeed, to celebrate and entice new hackers into her lair, System Shock will be on sale for 55 % less from April 11th to the 25th.


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