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The Relic: First Guardian - Gameplay

by Hiddenx, 2024-06-10 16:44:41

Couchpotato spotted a new gameplay trailer for The Relic: First Guardian:

The Relic: The First Guardian - Official Gameplay Trailer | IGN Live 2024

The Relic: The First Guardian is an action-adventure RPG developed by Project Cloud Games. Players will venture on a journey to save the world shrouded in darkness as the last guardian. Become stronger with various skills and settings to explore the collapsed world while an intriguing story fuels the journey. Solve the riddle of Arsiltus, gather the pieces of the great relic, and lead the world back to prosperity.

Source: IGN

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The Relic: First Guardian

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Action-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development