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The Sinking City - Interview

by Silver, 2018-05-05 14:19:51

The devs for The Sinking City were interviewed by Wccftech.

The Frogwares blog says The Sinking City is the biggest game you’ve ever made. What has been the most challenging part of the game’s development so far?

Definitely the city itself. The Sinking City is our first open world game, we’ve never done anything of that size and density before. I mean, in Sherlock Holmes The Devil’s Daughter we had semi-open world locations, they were relatively big but still separated by loading screens. And you know, it’s much easier to create a few different disjointed areas, than build one gigantic interconnected ecosystem.

We were quite staggered that building a city is not as easy as drawing streets and placing buildings. A city must have a soul, made of different districts, intricate urban planning, various architectural styles – it all must make sense and feel alive. Thankfully, our architect was up to the task, after months of research and a field trip to Boston. Our goal is to create a believable city that could exist in the 1920s New England. Of course, it’s a fictional city, but it still needs to feel real (here’s a dev diary on how we actually build that, if you are interested).


Thanks Farflame!

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