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The Sinking City - Five Reasons To Care

by Silver, 2019-01-19 10:46:12

PSU gives five reasons why you should be excited for The Sinking City which will release March 21st.


Investigations that have non-linear progression and multiple endings

With Frogwares being ultra-experienced at this whole detective lark (they do have numerous Sherlock Holmes titles under their belts after all), it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that all the sleuthing stuff in The Sinking City is actually pretty banging.

For a start, The Sinking City does away with the typical waypoint and quest marker system, and instead requires players to navigate their way to the destination by using landmarks and other points of interest. Additionally too, there are multiple ways to complete each case, which in turn leads to a variety of different endings too. In short, The Sinking City looks to actually make you feel like a proper detective, rather than someone who, well, isn’t.

Thanks Farflame!

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