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The Sinking City - Removed from Stores

by Silver, 2020-08-25 21:06:43

GameWatcher reports that The Sinking City has been removed from stores due to breach of contract.

The Sinking City Removed From Stores

Frogwares would receive payment for various production milestones and a share of the revenue once the game hit the market. The trouble, claims the developer, began shortly after.

"During production, BBI/Nacon was hundreds and hundreds of days behind in payments in total. Each sum due on average being 40 days late, while our milestones were always on time and approved by the licensee. We had to issue formal notices multiple times so that we were able to receive the money that was owed to us." read the statement from Frogwares.

"Once BBI/Nacon bought out a competing studio working on another Lovecraftian game, they dictated that we give them our source code for The Sinking City. Once again, BBI/Nacon does not own the IP - they are a licensee. They sell the game - not develop and co-create it. After we refused to comply, we stopped receiving financial contributions for over 4 months." it continued.

To avoid confusion, Bigben Interactive rebranded its video game publishing arm as Nacon last year while also melding it with its peripheral business. For the purposes of this article, both names refer to the same entity.

Frogwares asked to see The Sinking City's sales forecasts only to receive documents which it labels as being "inconsistent" and impossible to use in predicting sales.


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