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Troika Games - What Happened to Troika Staff?

by Dhruin, 2006-10-29 14:01:11

If you've ever wondered where carious Troika staffers ended up, Alrik sent us a note pointing out a thread on the Circle of Eight forums on the subject.  Ex- Troika-ite Steve Moret responded about a few people:

Sean Craig and I are working at NCsoft now, at their recently opened Orange County office.

I do know other ToEE people have ended up at the following places: EA, Day One Studios, Sony Online Entertainment, Pandemic, Supervillian Studios, LucasSoft, and many, many others.

Sean would like me to add that he tells everybody he knows that owns ToEE to be sure and grab all the CO8 patches and to look forward to mods that may come out.

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