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Van Helsing: Final Cut - Release Date Delayed

by Myrthos, 2015-09-23 12:49:37

The release date for Van Helsing: Final Cut has been delayed to the 7th of October. The reasons for that were apparently to allow a free delivery of the final cut when you have the three previous games, but divided over Steam and GOG.

Let’s get it out of the way then: the release of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut needs to be delayed. The new date is October 7.

Announcing this just before the original tentative date might be a little bit frustrating. Not only for you guys, for us as well.

There’s no way around it, although there is an explanation. And a silver lining.

First, on the issue of availability and accessibility. As you may remember, we have announced that the games were released on And now the question arises:

“If I buy two games on GoG and the third on Steam, will I get Final Cut?”

We haven’t answered officially yet, but here at the studio we were like: “What a question! Of course! It’s yours! We’re happy if you buy the trilogy, however you like it! You deserve the Final Cut, you deserve our thanks!”

We wanted to say that. And we still want to.

Now we can confirm that we can make it happen. Yes indeed. But this means a little more testing. A little more work.

We’d rather push the release date than to create an atmosphere of uncertainty, or a situation where some players can access the game and some players can’t. That’s just unacceptable, especially with the endgame content we created. It needs to be available to everyone at the same time. We want the best release in the history of the franchise. We want everyone to be happy with the product.

Another question was asked very frequently, and we haven’t given any straighforward answers:

“Will I get Final Cut even if I buy the last missing game after its release?”

To that we say: you can bet your sorry hat! You will get Final Cut if you own the trilogy! No. Matter. What.

But again: we need more time to make this happen. We’d rather work more on the solution than to let down a portion of our fans.

And of course, with this added time, the game would also benefit from a little more testing. It’s done, it’s finished, but let’s be honest: this is the definitive edition of our most accomplished game to date. We should release at its finest, and be extra careful with it. And we will be. We’re testing it like there’s no tomorrow. (Well, we just annihilated tomorrow, didn’t we?)

This concludes our bittersweet announcement. We would like to ask for a bit of understanding and patience.

But if you look at our reasons, you’ll see. It will be worth it.

Thanks Eye.

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