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Van Helsing: Final Cut - The Road to, Parts 4-7

by Myrthos, 2015-09-02 22:43:51

Our ever watchful Eye has informed us that there are more parts to read for 'The road to' of the Van Helsing: Final Cut game.

There is part 4 about the weird science of Borgovia, part 5 about The Ink:

The Ink is an endless realm behind the scenes of everyday Borgovia – and it is also the primeval material of creation and dreams that had been used to write the world into existence at the dawn of the world. The Ink is an ethereal place of soft, crawling mists, capable of giving birth to wonders and nightmares and granting safe haven for pockets of strange realities or chunks of the normal world trapped in the Ink like bubbles in amber.

Part 6 about Lady Katerina and part 7 about events and scenarios:

Unlike the account-bound Daily Quests and Challenges, there will be globally active events present in the game world. These could be quest-based, loot-based, but they can affect the whole endgame. Some of them won’t be affected by the difficulty, but use their own system. We’ll look out for major holidays as well for some neat special conditions.

The main appeal of the events is to secure challenges to the players, but in a global, competitive fashion: there will be Leaderboards connected to these events, to see who is the best. Of course, being on the top of the Leaderboard will grant the players better rewards at the closure of these events.

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