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VtM: Bloodlines - Audio Overhaul Mod Released

by Silver, 2016-01-02 20:40:00

@NicheGamer reports that an audio overhaul mod has been released for this classic game. Its available now from Moddb.


The mod does not (currently) change the voice acting, but nearly everything else is being replaced, with emphasis on the weapon effects. Guns are louder and reverberate more, knives make slicing sounds when connecting with flesh, and even stealth kills get their own sounds effects as well. Hybrid V has also shared his roadmap for the mod's progress:

- 1st Release (Current Build) Combat Overhaul. Replacing most if not all combat related audio such as guns and melee weapons along with impact sounds, shell casings and stealth kill SFX.

- 2nd Release (Coming Soon!) Magic Overhaul. Reworking all Magic SFX within VTMB with new high detailed versions, including new sounds for clan magic as well as NPC magic.

- 3rd Release (Coming Soon!) World and Atmosphere Overhaul. Revisiting a lot of the audio that populates the world including interior audio, new weather SFX as new atmospheric sounds to give more immersion to the locations within VTMB.

Possible future additions may include new dialog options, different mod versions for those who only want certain features, and partnerships with other mod makers to work on their audio files as well.

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