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VtM: Bloodlines - Unofficial v2.9 Patch @ Worthplaying

by Dhruin, 2006-09-13 23:33:00
The Unofficial Vampire: Bloodlines patches continue to roll in, with this latest at Worthplaying taking the game to v2.9. Here's the list of changes in this release, or follow the link for the full list:
  • Renamed new blade to 'Replica Katana' and made Trip sell crossbows.
  • Tseng will offer the SPAS directly and the flaming crossbow later.
  • Made Larry's quest independent of buying and fixed briefcase scene.
  • Released trapped Fu Syndicate guard and added Julius killed lines.
  • Changed flaming crossbow text and added some more inspection nodes.
  • Corrected typos and lines for newscaster, Lily, Copper and Vandal.
  • Removed another warehouse spawning and restored beachhouse weapons.
  • Fixed superguards at Giovanni Mansion and the bonus Sweeper lines.
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