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VtM-Bloodlines - Retrospective @ The Escapist

by Woges, 2010-03-11 14:48:44

The Escapist have a retrospective on Bloodlines.

Sadly, Bloodlines was the last game that Troika would ever make, as the company folded just a few months after its release. With more money, time and manpower, Bloodlines could have been a genuine masterpiece rather than the cult classic it eventually became. But even though it stumbled out of the starting gate, Bloodlines accomplished something great: More than five years on, there is still a dedicated community creating unofficial patches and restoring cut content, a feat that few games - even incredibly popular and well known ones - can boast. Great games may inspire awe, but Troika's swan song stirred a feeling in players that is just as powerful: devotion.

Logan Westbrook is a news room contributor for The Escapist. Occasionally he updates his blog at

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