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VtM-Bloodlines - Unofficial v3.3 Patch

by Dhruin, 2007-01-12 21:02:51

The great community work on Vampire: Bloodlines continues with an unofficial v3.3 patch being released.  You can grab the 150Mb file (and full notes) from Worthplaying and here are the new additions:

  • Replenished Misti's blood and repaired broken Tremere blood return.
  • Awarded xp when releasing Julius and restored Ming/Fu connections.
  • Made ghouling Heather easier again and added camera moving to cfgs.
  • Gave katanas to Temple and Society enemies and removed respawning.
  • Prevented Boris' door from closing and Dema from vanishing in view.
  • Fixed hospital screams and dialogue bugs of Arthur, Cal and Pisha.
  • Shortened Ventrue loading tip and some histories names to fit page.
  • Removed some more flickering decals and fixed many floating props.

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