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VtM-Bloodlines - Unofficial v5.2 Patch

by Dhruin, 2008-04-23 23:14:20

Wesp's Unofficial Patch/mod for Vampire: Bloodlines has hit v5.2.  Here are the notes from The Patches Scrolls:

 v5.2 23.04.2008
+Made occult braid raise unarmed feat instead of computer knowledge.
+Restored several persuasion, stat updates and research conditions.
+Made stealth harder and restored melee and defense powerup effects.
+Fixed Nadia humanity loss and moved a recorder at Grout's mansion.
+Corrected unofferable gum and renamed asian vampire "The Cathayan".
Re-added lost guard model and fixed Russians discipline reactions.
Added about hundred expressions to thirty NPCs and a .38 for Flynn.
Placed cops at SM conversation and some missing lamps into museum.
Forced player in DMP cutscene and offered Vandal's quest later too.
Added Skelter quest state and fixed Isaac and Barabus log updates.
Improved Heather and Malcolm dialogues and cash description limits.
Fixed Imalia's quest second chance and repeating Romero fun sound.
Removed bad warrens re-entry sound and adjusted the clipboard date.
Auto-closed warehouse door and placed Temple bar up on his guides.
Fixed overlooked Shin Gunto, Galdjum and flamethrower basic issues.
Added junkyard sound using a car and fixed downtown bus stop name.
Restored Gangrel frenzy damage and some first discipline durations.
Fixed minor dialogue bugs, some basic/plus mixups and a few props.
Replaced Misti clones at Vesuvius and added a few inspection nodes.
Adjusted hospital scream and several wrong door and weapon sounds.
Unlocked one Temple door for Yukie and secured two others later on.
Locked Red Spot back door and restored missing gesture for Damsel.
Removed humanity loss for killing any kind of hunters on main hubs.

Source: Blue's News

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