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Wartales - Community Update #2

by Hiddenx, 2023-08-21 21:02:09

The community update #2 of Wartales is out:

Community Update #2 Preview: Paths & Endings

Greetings mercenaries!

Welcome to the first Update Preview, giving you a sneak peek of some of the upcoming changes to the Path system.

Stay tuned for more of these articles as we share in-depth details the new features & changes coming your way in Community Update #2.

We’ve been working on giving Paths a proper ending for quite some time now. We’ve explored several options before deciding that each Path deserved a distinctive new feature. Our goal with the upcoming update is to give you access to new content as you get further into the game, rewarding your investment not only with more power, but also with more gameplay (don’t worry though, there’ll be plenty of power too).

When you reach level 8 of a Path, you will gain access to a new activity.

Each Path has its own unique activity, and you can complete all 4.

  • Power and Glory Path: The Ordeal of Legends
  • Trade and Craftsmanship Path: The Trade Routes
  • Crime and Chaos Path: Burglary
  • Mysteries and Knowledge Path: Archeology

As you continue to progress from level 8 to 12, you will unlock new, harder steps for the Path’s activity.Upon completing one of these steps, you will be rewarded with a unique item AND a unique title for your troop (yes, you read that right). For example, by completing the 4th step of The Ordeal of Legends, you will obtain:

  • The “Heroic Fighters” title, which grants your units a 4% damage bonus for the current battle each time one of them uses action points.
  • The “Helmet of Legends”, which, when worn, applies Frailty to all adjacent enemies.

That’s a total of 25 items and titles. There was actually a hesitation at some point: should it be items or should it be titles? But the answer was simple: why couldn’t you have both?
Once you complete the 5th and last stage of an activity, you’ll reach the end of the Path.

The Paths

Power and Glory: The Ordeal of Legends
An ultimate arena in which you will fight bosses from every region.


Thanks Henriquejr!

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