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Wartales - Community Update #6

by Hiddenx, 2023-04-03 19:55:38

Henriquejr spotted a new community update for Wartales:

Community Update #6 Out now!

Featuring community requests, new content, reworked features and more!

Attention mercenaries!

Community Update #6 is here! You might be a little confused about this surprise update, but fear not, as it brings some much needed balancing to the game, alongside some other smaller changes.

As usual, the changes are based on community feedback/sentiments, read on to find out more...

Choose your destiny

We have redesigned the interface at the beginning of the game!
We wanted to rework it and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, we have revamped the layout so that the choices at the beginning of the game are clearer and more obvious.
For example, few players knew that it was possible to play without scaling. In fact, the exploration mode now has its own interface. Between adaptive exploration (scaling) and zoned exploration (similar to more classic RPGs), the choice is yours!

  • The destiny choices have been rebalanced.
  • Each setting option now has more information

Revamped Difficulty

Wartales is a demanding game. From the very first minute, your mercenary troop is dropped into a wild and violent world where wolves and bandits are out to get you.

Your feedback tends to show that the difficulty decreases over time. Indeed, mercenaries gain power quickly by accumulating powerful skills and ways to generate Valour points, thus allowing for new possibilities to defeat your enemies. In doing so, the fragile assassin who had to be cleverly placed could, after certain levels, wander through the enemy ranks and annihilate everything.

We are convinced that the notion of challenge is part of the Wartales DNA.
Therefore this patch seeks to:

  1. Make the easy mode less punishing and the hard mode more challenging
  2. Not alter the beginning of the game/new game experience
  3. Reinvigorate the late game with some added challenge


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