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Wartales - Preview @ COG

by Redglyph, 2022-01-04 18:54:31

COG gave their first impression of Wartales, currently in Early Access.


Wartales Preview

Tactical turn-based roleplaying games are a popular genre. Add the medieval fantasy element, and you’re in the wheelhouse of classics like Pillars of Eternity and Divinity: Original Sin. Shiro Games‘ Wartales, now in Early Access, sets the action in an open world. Instead of a story-based campaign, it allows for exploration and discovery and a unique experience every time.

The Edoran Empire has fallen victim to a great plague. One hundred years later, the land is full of treachery, conflict and turmoil. You begin with a party of four characters, the make up of which is determined by your answers to some questions. You might begin with an archer, rogue, swordsman and heavy weapon wielder. As you explore, you can recruit a number of new party members to fill out and balance your group. Visually, character customization is a bit limited. However, build variety is deep and open.

A Tale as Old as Time

As player, you are the unseen manager and while you control the forces, you don’t directly participate. You need to rest the party, pay wages and supply lots of food. If you don’t, morale drops and some may even leave. There is an economic model at play. Adding to your forces is balanced against being able to provide for them. Like any group of hired hands, some like to complain more than others. You almost expect them to start unionizing.

Your party travels across an overworld map. The map has many points of interest. There are resources, caves and camps, towns and many other roving groups. Each one is a source of conflict, information or trade. You zoom from the overworld map to the strategic level to engage in battle, trading or dialogue.


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