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Wartales - The Art of Wartales

by Redglyph, 2021-09-09 17:53:35

Shiro Games explains the art of Wartales in Q&A#9.

Wartales Q&A #9: The Art of Wartales

What are the influences for the global art style of wartales?

The universe of Wartales is set in a medieval fantasy universe which draws its inspiration from medieval Europe, spanning an artistic period going from the 5th to the 14th century. The general philosophy is to offer credible environments and characters for fans of medievalism, while maintaining a somewhat original aspect.

Wartales' graphic universe is therefore influenced as much by a naturalistic and documentary approach as by artists with very dark and melancholic fantasy universes such as Arthur Rackham or John Howe.

What was the inspiration for the environment?

As said in the previous Q&A the environments of Wartales are very strongly inspired by Scotland and the north of England.

To be more specific this is the inspiration for the core of the world story, the Edoran empire. Edoran is inspired by the Roman/Celtic culture, and Wales is the real life location where this civilization existed. But Wartales is not a medieval documentary so we have mixed this core inspiration with a lot of other European cultures and different eras. The world of Wartales will be composed of many specific biomes that will reflect on the various local cultures. For example The empire of Edoran is based on Wales but Harag kingdom is more based on the Scottish highland and Belerion on Iceland.

So as you travel you will see some changes in the landscape.


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