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Wartales - The Future of Wartales

by Redglyph, 2021-09-16 16:51:34

Shiro Games share their view of the two next months in Q&A#10.

Wartales Q&A #10: The Future of Wartales

Welcome to this weeks Wartales Q&A!

Today, we take a brief look at what to expect over the next couple of months as we speed towards Early Access release later this year and wind down this round of Q&As as we turn our focus to the rapidly approaching closed beta...

As it’s the last Q&A for a while, is there anything you want to say to the community?

"First of all, the whole team would like to thank you for all your feedback, your attendance and reception to our Q&As and your warmth and vivacity on the Discord. We are delighted with the reception you have given to Wartales and we have the ambition to make this game a reference in the genre. We know how important the community and players are to this endeavour and are delighted to see that you are already helping us to grow and mature Wartales. We genuinely cannot thank and appreciate you all enough"

What have you been doing since the release of the demo ?

"Well, a lot has changed but don't worry, not the essence of Wartales! We've taken your feedback into account and fixed a lot of the issues and areas that saw some negativity while also expanding on gameplay and features that we thought were secondary that resonated with you all. Over the weeks, the whole team has been working hard and you can be assured that we are not behind on the features we wanted to develop for the beginning of early access, there is some absolutely incredible stuff coming to the EA build that we genuinely cannot wait to see your reaction to.

We've added a lot of different content that we've talked about in previous diaries, namely the tombs of the ancients (dungeon crawler), the arenas (complex challenge with a small team), the rat invasions (how far will you go to burn the most nests?), Paths (echoes of the way you play), new elites, new units, new animals, new skills, talents, professions, items and so on. Enough to keep you on the edge of your seat for several dozen hours!"


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