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Wartales - Update #3

by Hiddenx, 2022-05-19 22:29:59

Shiro Games have released a major update to Wartales:

Community Update #3 Out Now!

Hello mercenaries!

We’re very excited and proud to present the third community update for Wartales! This update focuses on some of the more popular community requests, bringing character relationships, customisation, balancing passes, economic improvements and more to Wartales!

In addition, the much requested Chinese localisation is nearly complete. And we plan to run a beta with our Chinese players in June with a view to release fully shortly afterwards. We'll share more news with you all about this soon.

Finally, for our non-English speaking players, please note that due to some issues with localisation, some text may not be translated correctly/at all. We are aware of this issue and will have it fixed when the final translations are provided to us early next week.

With all that out of the way, let's take a look at what's new!


NEW SYSTEM Confessions!
In Wartales, many things happen every day. The loss of a companion, a particularly poorly negotiated battle or, on the contrary, the heroic fight led by your captain can leave a mark on your companions' minds.

To represent this, we have devised a system in which your companions react, according to their own personality, to these events in the form of a speech punctuated by decisions to be made.

Will you make your companion drink after the death of his boar friend? Or will he help himself to the common fund to compensate for his grief? The choices you will make will deeply affect your companion for the rest of their life, leading them to strengthen up or, on the contrary, to leave the troop.

NEW SYSTEM Relations!
In addition to the confession system, we have developed a system of relationships between your companions. Wartales is first and foremost a story about a group of mercenaries who live from day to day and who fight, grow rich or die together.

To represent this, your companions can form friendships or enmities with others. The consequences are numerous: they generate Happiness together, fight better side by side and can even fall in love. On the other hand, they may hate each other, in which case it would not be a good idea to have them sleep together, unless you risk finding one of your protégés with his throat slit during the night.

Different actions have a chance to increase or decrease the relationships.

REWORK Prisoners
Do not let them escape! Prisoners now have a chance to escape. To represent this, they have an 'escape ability' stat. To prevent a prisoner from escaping, you can place companions close to them during a Rest. Obviously, some companions will be more effective than others in this exercise.
Recruit your prisoners! Prisoners who spend time with you and are treated well may one day ask to join your troop. Yes, it is possible to reconstitute a real Inquisition troop!

A new piece of camp equipment is introduced: the whip. Assign a foreman to whip your companions and make them work more efficiently. Indeed, a whipped companion produces twice as fast when assigned to a production camp equipment! Be careful not to overuse it or it may succumb to the blows.
A new piece of camp equipment has been introduced: the pillory. Tie your prisoners to the pillory to prevent them from escaping!

Prisoners that escape your troop can be found in the world. Their fate is yours to decide…
If you deliver a prisoner in prison, he can now escape and seek revenge…


Thanks Henriquejr!

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