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Wartales - Update #4

by Hiddenx, 2022-07-22 14:45:12

Henriquejr spotted a new community update for the strategy RPG Wartales:

Community Update #4 Out Now!

Featuring community requests, new content and full Chinese localisation!

Attention mercenaries!

We’re very proud to release to you all the fourth community update for Wartales! This update is built primarily around some of the most popular community requests we've been receiving, addresses and implements a number of issues and suggestions we've seen over the last few months and massively changes multiple aspects of the game!

In addition, following a very successful beta period, the much requested Chinese localisation is now live!

So... let's take a look at what's new!


Chinese language has been implemented and is now available in game.

SYSTEM UPDATE - Fleeing merchants!
When you attack a merchant caravan, the merchant units and their ponies will try to flee the fight while their mercenaries will fight you. Catch them before they run away with their cargo!

After much feedback, we wanted to allow more freedom and risk-taking with the suspicion system.
In this sense, the suspicion is now divided into 5 wanted levels of 100 points each. You become wanted when you pass the first level and each level will make your life more difficult by sending more powerful and better prepared patrols with waves of reinforcements.
Unlike now, you will also be able to steal while being wanted unless you have reached the final search level which makes you public enemy n°1. At this stage, we don't give a damn about your skin...
To round off this update, we've also reviewed the various bonuses and penalties for suspicion.
If you're feeling like a thief, then brace your horses and get ready to run!

SYSTEM UPDATE - Choose your companies specialities
Following your feedback, we have decided to limit the randomness in the leveling of your units. In this sense, we have implemented a new knowledge that allows you to spend Influence to allocate your units' Attribute points as you wish and keep total control over your companions' evolution.

SYSTEM UPDATE - Partially-controlled ally!
Your extensive feedback on the subject has helped us to improve the ally system. So now, for each ally that fights alongside you, you can now select a stance that gives you more control: Flee, Defense or Attack. Meaning no more incidents of your allies randomly marching themselves to their doom…

NEW Tomb of the Ancients!
Recent excavations have uncovered a new ruin at Tiltrën.


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