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Wartales - Work & Professions

by Hiddenx, 2021-08-05 19:58:35

In Wartales Q&A #4 you can learn more about work and professions:

Wartales Q&A #4: Work & Professions

Attention Mercenaries!

Welcome to the latest of our weekly Q&A's with the wartales devs!

This week, we have once again stolen Quentin away from precious development time to pester him about Professions and Work within the world of Wartales. Read on as he fills us in on the numerous ways you and your troop will be able to line their pockets, from mining precious ore, to thieving, to smithing the most devastating of weapons, to fishing a variety of regional fish and more...

What are some of the professions I can do in Wartales?

"In Wartales, you will be asked to perform tasks that require particular expertise or skills. To this end, we've created a system of professions that each of your companions can learn and master.
Some professions are linked to what we call "activities", unique mini-games with their own rules and challenges. One such activity is mining, which allows you to collect minerals from the deposits found throughout the world's mines. Strike at the right moment and collect some quality ore! There are different types of ore and their harvesting will depend on your level of mastery in mining (the same goes for finding gems while mining). This profession is closely related to that of the blacksmith. The ores collected can be used to forge weapons and armour, but also armour reinforcements capable of providing small bonuses in the statistics of your choice.


Thanks Henriquejr!

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