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Wartales - Customizing

by Hiddenx, 2021-08-23 17:17:01

Henriquejr spotted Q&A #6 for Wartales:

Wartales Q&A #6: Customizing Wartales

Attention Mercenaries!

Welcome to this weeks Q&A with the wartales devs!

Today, we're talking about the huge variety of gear options at your disposal within the world of Wartales, ranging from your camp, your characters, their specialities, cosmetics and covering a little gameplay ground with how your actions and decisions impact your world, story and more...

Read on to find out more!

"In Wartales, you play as a group of filthy mercenaries recruited from dirty inns who will do anything to get rich. The first element you can customise is of course the companions and there are many options available to you.

First of all, from a gameplay point of view. Your troop is composed of a number of companions that you can pay, feed and satisfy. In this sense, you can compose the team of your choice. As I said in the combat Q+A, you will be able to choose your companions according to specific gameplay criteria: do you enjoy training animals? Put together a team of beastmasters and wolves! Do you like fire? Then a few bombers will come in handy!


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