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The CRPG Book Project

Besides RPGs, my hobby is music; I’m a record collector and a huge fan of Progressive Rock (Mike Oldfield, Rick Wakeman, Zappa, etc…). I own books like the fantastic “Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock” and the brazilian “Rock Raro”, that I’ve read countless times. Reading about the records, seeing the cover art, and listening to albums I’ve never heard before is something that I greatly enjoy.

One day I thought “why I can’t have something like this on RPGs?”. Six months later, here we are.

After I began working on it, I also noticed how scarce information about older RPGs is, both in the media and the internet as a whole. There’s a huge prejudice against pre-Windows games, seen as nothing more than obtuse historical artifacts.  I hope that by collecting knowledge all over the world in a charming, accessible and free book, I can help to change that a little.

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