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The Outer Worlds 2 - 5 Ways It Can Improve From the Original

by Silver, 2021-07-16 14:15:44

Gaming Instincts share their opinion on how The Outer Worlds 2 can be better than the first iteration.

We all knew that The Outer Worlds would be coming, but it was still exciting to see it officially announced during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase. A brief CGI trailer showcased the game even though Obsidian Entertainment hasn’t finished the character design, plotline, or gameplay. Clearly, Obsidian Entertainment has a lot of work to do, but they have a solid foundation to build on. The space-faring adventures of the original excelled in well-scripted albeit humorous dialogue, and the sequel can capitalize on those strengths while improving some of its less desirable aspects. 


5. Combat and Gunplay

The dialogue, characters, and story of The Outer Worlds were superior to every other feature. Thus, shooting legions of Mauraders became tedious and mundane, getting in the way of more exciting elements. Despite being serviceable, combat was merely a glorified padding system or detour between stories beats. As the game progresses, its clunky and mediocre nature becomes ever more apparent.

To be successful, the sequel needs to upgrade its shooting mechanics to the level of its other more satisfactory qualities. Along with a general refinement, The Outer Worlds 2 would benefit from a greater variety of weapons and enemies. This should elevate combat from a mundane chore to a welcoming aspect of player and story progression.

In addition to gunplay, the stealth and melee mechanics are in a dire need of revamping. Though players can dedicate skill points to these specific character types, the insufficient gameplay functionality makes it a non-option. Because of the clunky melee and the finicky stealth, it’s more fun to invest time in dialogue, giving players an opportunity to avoid combat entirely. The Outer Worlds 2 needs to enhance combat so that players can truly choose their playstyle instead of being pigeonholed by quality.


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