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Eidos Montreal

Description from its website:

The Eidos-Montréal studio is the continued progression of an extraordinary enterprise. We remain true to our founding ethos; to rapidly assert ourselves as a studio where the most talented developers and testers from all over the world want to call home. The studio, now in its 4th year, continues its evolution with an ever-expanding community of diverse and talented individuals and the advent of a third exciting project.


The studio is all about the talented people that work here, and in recognition of this we have tried to create an exceptional environment to provide the platform for free thinking and creative ideas to flourish.


"Since we are working with smaller developments teams and on some long term AAA projects, we want to make sure people we are recruiting are the best fit regarding our studio culture. As a result, we ensure that our employees are good team worker and they are also willing to share their knowledge with others coworkers.


Also, having smaller developments teams is making our employees committing more on their work and having full ownership over their responsibilities.


Finally, Eidos-Montreal is providing some exciting opportunities to work on major licenses (Deus EX, Thief) and we offer our employees an energetic working environment where they can access professional training and career progression"

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Eidos Montreal

Country: Canada