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Thursday - November 03, 2022
Saturday - December 16, 2017
Thursday - October 03, 2013
Wednesday - July 24, 2013
Tuesday - November 27, 2007
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Thursday - November 03, 2022

Eidos Montreal - Working on Deus Ex

by Hiddenx, 09:23

Jason Schreier tweeted:

Eidos Montreal, which remains intact, canceled the Stranger Things-inspired "kids on bikes" game that was rumored recently. They're now working on:

  1. A new IP (recently rescoped)
  2. A new Deus Ex (very very early)
  3. co-dev partnerships with Xbox including Fable

Thanks Henriquejr!

Saturday - December 16, 2017

Eidos Montreal - Will Focus on Online

by Silver, 21:53

PCGamer reports that Eidos Montreal, the maker of Deus Ex, will focus on online experiences.

Eidos Montreal, developer of the modern Deus Ex games, will focus more of its attention on online gaming from now on, it has announced. In a new "vision statement", studio head David Anfossi said that it would be "placing an added emphasis on the online experiences in our games". The developer is hiring new staff, including a lead multiplayer programmer, to support the move and reworking its DAWN engine to better cope with online gaming.

Director of online technology Sébastien Bessette said: "All of these efforts unify our teams towards one single goal, that being to deliver the best online gaming experience to our players."


Thursday - October 03, 2013

Eidos Montreal - The Future Vision for Deus Ex

by Couchpotato, 00:47

Eidos Montreal's David Anfossi talks about the future of Deus Ex on the  Eidos-Montreal Community Blog. He first confims the release date for the Director's Cut version.

I am delighted to announce that we have confirmed a ship date for Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut. We will be releasing the game on October 22 (25 in PAL regions) on the Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Over the last 18 months, the team has been working very hard on the development of the Director’s Cut. With this edition, we gave the team the envious task of pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity to explore something we believe will become a big part of the future of the franchise, the second screen experience.

Next he talks about the games setting and universe. He also announces a sequel is on the way. So you can all relax after the tablet games.

I’m pleased to confirm that we are already into production of the starting point for Deus Ex: Universe with a new game for PC and next-generation consoles. We’re very excited about it at the studio and I wanted to let you know that most of the team behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution is already working hard on this new game. It took us four years to learn how to create a unique Deus Ex experience with Human Revolution and it was important for me to keep this knowledge within the franchise.

I want to leave you with a piece of concept art from our next-gen Deus Ex game that shows trans-humanism segregation, which is a backdrop to our vision for the next Deus Ex. It represents a "ghetto-city' voluntarily built in order to separate the classes. The people in this segregated class have reshaped their environment, nostalgic for their ideal of Cyber Renaissance. This dark and dystopian vision sets the tone for things to come in Deus Ex.

Wednesday - July 24, 2013

Eidos Montreal - GM Resigns Blames Square Enix

by Couchpotato, 01:20

For anyone that's interested Polygon has news that Eidos Montreal's founder and General Manager Stephane D'Astous has resigned from the company.

In a statement, D'Astous, who helped found the studio in 2007, said he left the company after being unable to reconcile differences between Eidos and Square Enix Europe.

"Since last year's financial short-coming performance of Square Enix Europe, we (HQ London and GM Eidos Montreal) have had growing and divergent opinions on what needed to be done to correct the situation," he said. "The lack of leadership, lack of courage and the lack of communication were so evident, that I wasn't able to conduct my job correctly. I realized that our differences were irreconcilable, and that the best decision was unfortunately to part ways."

Eidos Montreal, which heads Square Enix's Deus Ex franchises, has faced turmoil over the past five years in developing the upcoming Thief reboot, which Polygon reports was mired in corporate politics and stalled by the departure of numerous development team members.

Source: N4G

Tuesday - November 27, 2007

Eidos Montreal - Interview @ Gamasutra

by Dhruin, 12:08

This interview with Eidos Montreal has nothing to say on the newly revealed Deus Ex 3 but it does discuss the studio's general plans:

Therefore, he continued, "We will want to limit our dev teams to a human-sized team of 80 people at the very highest of the peak in the production cycle. We don’t want to become a huge studio where there’s over 100 people on a title. We want a smaller, multi-discipline group that are tightly knit together. But by doing so, we will give them at least 18 to 24 months for the production cycle."

D'Astous believes that attitude will be appreciated on the local development scene and in the industry as a whole: "That's music to a lot of ears over here," he said. "Some developers are really trying to push titles out the door within 12-15 months; we're working on plans for our first few titles that will only be released after 24 months."

Their idea of "longer" cycles still sounds remarkably short but presumably excludes all the pre-production work.

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