The Last Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Need someone to beat the Crapalanche and it would be nice to send Boston packing soon. Beyond that, I'm fairly open to what happens next.
I was hoping Winnipeg could knock off the Avalanche, but they didn't even show up for 4 out of the 5 games.
Oct 21, 2006
Florida, US
TNT apologists are not faulting Goergiev for letting in so many goals.
Most I know had either Dallas or the Avs to take it all - or at least take on New York or Florida in the finals. Big surprise for everyone Dallas is walking over Colorado.
But that's good coaching and good scouting and showing the depth of talent from top to bottom. Each year it's a shock that Jamie Benn is still going and still making a huge impact. Tough luck on poor Nishushkin - 6 months suspension without pay, Stage 3 of the assistance program, he really needs to conquer this. Needs prayers for sure.

Suspension for Soucy, fine for Zadorov for a couple of sticking infractions that went wrong in reaction for a terrible temper tantrum slash by McDavid. Bad high stick after the incident by Hyman.
I get the league feels it needs to protect it's stars but McD brought it on himself and Soucy was never aiming for the head in the first place. Hyman, on the other hand, was. Not even a fine for either one of them.
The whole thing is a political joke. Zadorov's fine is a joke. Soucy is guilty of being the least important player of the four and since he got the penalty with no time on the clock, he gets the token suspension. He is an important guy to lose but I'm guessing the other three are more important - the penalty makes it easy for the DPS.

It's turning into the series to watch right now.

Unfortunately, due to a terrible and tragic death in the family I'll have postpone watching it. It won't be my priority for the next few weeks - although its a good thing to keep my mind occupied with when I can. Video games aren't really right now.
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Oct 19, 2006
The Uncanny Valley
Nod, that was really surprising seeing McDavid react like that. The anger was strong in that one. And yeah I'd not be surprised if Dallas goes all the way, yet then again I thought Nashville might make a better showing than they did.
Oct 18, 2011
Holly Hill, FL.
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