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Tuesday - February 19, 2019
Monday - January 14, 2019
Friday - September 07, 2018
Friday - August 31, 2018
Tuesday - August 21, 2018
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Tuesday - February 19, 2019

Breach - Interview @GameTyrant

by Silver, 19:55

The Breach developers have been interviewed by GameTyrant about the mechanics and future of the game.

The Interview With Dallas and Gabe

What was the inspiration that got you guys to create Breach?

Gabe - “A few things. One of the big things was that there are a lot of games out there and you see fast follow a lot. We all worked at EA and working on a lot of titles and ideas of games that are already kind of out there and replicating. We wanted to do something that was crazy and new, but not so crazy and new. We wanted some familiarity to it and so we made sort of a hybrid game. So we looked at our background and how we worked on MMO’s and RPG’s, we enjoy MOBA’s, stuff like that so at its core it is an co-op Action RPG but it has influences from MOBA’s and true action games as well. That was the influence for the genre.”



Thanks Farflame!

Monday - January 14, 2019

Breach - Early Access January 17th

by Silver, 09:36

Breach is set to enter Steam Early Access January 17th.

Breach Steam Early Access Begins January 17!

QC Games, an independent game developer comprised of AAA veterans and cutting-edge creators, announced today that their premier action title, Breach, will be coming to Steam Early Access on January 17, 2019. Disrupting the traditional action-RPG genre by fusing explosive combat, RPG-like depth, and a flexible, customizable open-class system, Breach empowers players to build their ideal hero and battle monsters on an adventure that fuses modern and mythological Earth. In addition to building their own custom heroes, players can switch sides and play as the menacing Veil Demon, a malevolent spirit that wreaks delightful havoc on and brings doom to aspiring heroes. 

Special Breach pre-order packages are available starting at $24.99, but time is running out! In order to secure your pre-order package with bonus content that ends with Early Access, visit the Breach Shop by January 16 at 11:59 PM CDT[] to grab exclusive offers that include unique in-game items like sprays, dance emotes, a digital artbook, and much more.



Friday - September 07, 2018

Breach - Interview with QC Games

by Silver, 07:38

Games Industry interviewed the QC Games developers and asked about Breach and making AAA indie games.


Amatangelo: "Some big companies do it well. Ubisoft did it with For Honor. A game that is growing the industry by trying different things. We are making a AAA-style thing that's different. Instead of doing another card game, or MMO... we wanted to try something different."

That different game is Breach, a free-to-play co-operative action RPG that is the spiritual successor to Shadow Realms. Players pick their class (they can even play as the bad guy) and then compete through a series of challenge areas before facing a boss. Like Shadow Realms, the game was unveiled at Gamescom, but this time the project is approaching its final months. In fact, the game we played was pretty much complete.

"I don't think it's a normal thing [to announce a game this late], but I think it's right," says Dickinson. "It's a conscious decision that we made.


Friday - August 31, 2018

RPGWatch @ Gamescom - Breach Preview

by Myrthos, 18:12

Just before Gamescom started, Breach was announced. Not knowing exactly what to expect I scheduled an appointment and came back with these findings.

70.000 years ago all the mythological cultures lived together with humans on one planet, but the humans were dying as too many of the mythological creatures were killing them. There was one immortal who saw that the humans would not survive and who decided to separate the worlds of the mythological creatures and humans into two, so humans could live without the mythological crceatures. The worlds were separated by The Veil. Some of the humans on earth were given magical powers with the job to maintain this Veil. They didn't do their job right though, as over the years some mythological creatures came through The Veil, which is why we know about them from our history. In the last 100 years the immortal who created The Veil becomes aware that humanity has messed up, with wars, pestilence and all of that. They are not united and need something to challenge them. He feels he made a huge mistake and is now undoing that mistake by destroying The Veil, causing a breach. This is why all around the world, but especially at major mythological sites The Veil is breaking and the mythological world is starting to be integrated with human earth again.

Tuesday - August 21, 2018

Breach - Action RPG announced @ PC Gamer

by Hiddenx, 00:22

Breach is an upcoming Action RPG from ex-Bioware devs:

Breach is an ambitious action-RPG from ex-BioWare devs, first trailer revealed


Exclusive: Breach promises RPG-like depth, an open class system, and third-person action mechanics.

Today, QC Games announces Breach, an action-RPG that straddles the boundaries between Diablo, Guild Wars 2, and Monster Hunter. Breach has been in development since 2015, and the principle members of QC previously spent time at EA building games like The Old Republic and BioWare's canceled Shadow Realms.

Breach takes place in a near-future mashup of high fantasy and cyberpunk tech, where the barriers between the arcane and the mundane are breaking down. Functionally, the game plays out in 15-minute sessions as an asymmetrical multiplayer dungeon crawler, where four players choose highly customizable classes and complete missions in a gauntlet riddled with mythological creatures.


Thanks henriquejr!

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