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Dust to the End

Game introduction

Dust to the End shows a world of wasteland in the last days, there is only one rule in the wasteland world, that is to do everything possible to survive! In order to survive, you can wander around in this open wasteland world, earn money by running merchants to form a caravan, and become a wasteland merchant on the rich side. In order to survive, you can also explore the entire world of dust, take your own expedition to search every abandoned underground ruins, and experience a fortune. In order to survive, you can even pull out a team to fight and rob around...

Background of the story

A nuclear war ended human civilization, and survivors spent a century of stagnation and safety hiding in an underground refuge. When the radiation on the ground gradually dissipated, the survivors returned to the surface and began the reconstruction of civilization. Sadly, mankind has not learned from the tragic ending of the previous round of civilization, and the history of fraud is repeated in this wasteland world. In order to compete for land and resources, the emerging forces began to make a big deal between them, doing wars, looting and even human trafficking. Not long ago, a human trafficking organization named "Black Death" ransacked a shelter called "507". After some looting, a large number of residents became captives. The protagonist escaped as a lucky 507, but survival is never easy, is it a stubborn survival or a persistent breath? Escape from reality or bloodthirsty revenge? When the protagonist walked out of the ruins of 507 and came to this wasteland world, these choices were already in front of him.

Game Features

  • Materials in the wasteland world are scarce, and trade exchanges between regions are not close enough. This creates opportunities for merchants. There are nearly 50 towns of different sizes and more than 100 kinds of traded goods in the game.
  • Each town has its own specialty products and demand goods. Players need to ascertain the town's production and demand, and then formulate trade routes to maximize the profits of businessmen.
  • When you are on the way to run a business, you may meet passers-by for help and find an abandoned camp, or be robbed, guarded extortion, and a terrible desert storm.
  • You will also encounter fierce roaring dogs, mutant giant beasts and other travelers and caravans.
  • In order to run a business safely, you must hire mercenaries to form a caravan, and each mercenary has its own character.
  • These personalities will affect the mood of each caravan member and the state of the caravan. Whether you can take this team well and handle interpersonal relationships will test the player's team management level.
  • Mercenary mercenaries can quickly increase the combat strength of caravans to meet various challenges, but naturally there are more mercenaries than people. . Players must have sufficient funds to purchase equipment for the team mercenaries and pay weekly salary.
  • Equipped with different weapons will have different combat skills. You can build a team based on the mercenary's occupation, skills and personal preferences.
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Information about

Dust to the End

Developer: ZJOY

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Released: 2021-08-11
· Publisher: ZJOY