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Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

What do Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes, Torchlight, World of Goo and Plants vs Zombies have in common? They re all high quality independent games, which were developed without any publishers and offered on their own homepage. The turn based RPG Grotesque Tactics will be released on the homepage and sold for around 20 euro.

Important: Every euro is going to push the development of Grotesque, so every purchaser has a big influence in the future of the funny fantasy universe.

The player represents Drake a depressive commander in a dark leather jacket, who s sometimes called an  emo , what he always denies vehemently. Drake was only one step away from committing suicide and hurling himself into the throat of a brutal mushroom, because he wasn t allowed to join the battle, due to the fact that he failed at his military exam. Then the arrogant hero Holy Avatar appears in his shining armor and explains
Drake, that he and his semi-divine humble self have more important things to do: Preventing the kingdom of Glory from being conquered by the evil sect of the Dark Church, which slaughtered the whole army of Glory a few hours ago. Now there are no heroes left, who could be recruited for this adventure, so Drake will have to get along with serial killers, thieves and other dubious creatures like, for example, women!

The ironical Grotesque Tactics, which parodies role playing clinches, is also different in other points. The developers of Silent Dreams are back to the roots of old turn based games. With examples like the Nintendo classic game  Fire Emblem  or  Jagged Alliance west & east RPG elements come together in one game. You can control a up to ten headed party, round based, on nine totally different maps (which will be visited more than once). Every character also has its own advantages and disadvantages. But instead of building castles like in  Heroes of Might & Magic  Grotesque Tactics is a real RPG with a dense storyline and funny multiple choice conversations, which will remind of humorous games like  Monkey Island . Your party members need to be found at first, for example the half naked virgins, which have to be rescued out of the claws of evil.
The Evil Heroes are leveled up like in other games. They learn some special attacks, find some valuable treasures in dark dungeons or rainy woods, buy and sell weapons, armor and potions and fight against grotesque creatures like very evil saber-toothed tiger-rabbits!

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Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

Developer: Silent Dreams

SP/MP: Unknown
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

Regions & platforms
Germany, Austria & Switzerland
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2010-03-22
· Publisher: Silent Dreams