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Thursday - August 05, 2021
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Box Art

Thursday - August 05, 2021

Jupiter Hell - Released

by Hiddenx, 18:08

Jupiter Hell has left Early Access:

Jupiter Hell - release spotlight


The Doom-inspired turn-based action game is out of Early Access, bringing a climax to 20 years of roguelike development saga.


Monday - February 22, 2021

Jupiter Hell - Release Date Announced & New Publisher

by Silver, 20:16

The latest update for Jupiter Hell announces a release date of 5th August and a new publisher called Hyperstrange.

Jupiter Hell 0.9.7 - Expanse! + full release date announcement!

Took us a bit more time, but this release is HUGE! Jupiter Hell 0.9.7 Expanse features larger moons, mid-point levels, new generators for second halfs of the moons, 4 new branches and 4 new special levels, much improved monster placement and lists, and on top of that a huge rework of traits! But before we go into detail - there’s an important announcement we need to make.

Full release date and new publisher

Jupiter Hell has been in Early Access for 18 months now, and we’ve been providing you with a - more or less - steady stream of updates featuring new content, bug fixes, polish, and implementations of your feedback. It’s about time we announce our full release plans.

With 5 more regular monthly updates to go, we’re getting ready to release Jupiter Hell 1.0 on the 5th of August, 2021. To make the most of the full release, we’re teaming up with Hyperstrange, the developer of ELDERBORN and POSTAL: Brain Damaged, who will assume the role of the publisher.

Hyperstrange are good old friends and great fans and supporters of Jupiter Hell. Their ELDERBORN is an Early Access success story, and we’re convinced that if an indie dev needs a publisher at all, they should bring some unique perspective and understanding to the table. Hyperstrange does. They’re already around our Discord, so if you have any questions for them - don’t hesitate to ask!

The first obvious question we can answer right here, right now: yes, we do have updates planned beyond the full release, which also aligns us with Hyperstrange, who also support and expand their games post-launch.

So, there it is - six more months until full release. We’re excited, and we’re shifting gears on the development. Now, back to regular programming! Here's what the Expanse update brings to Jupiter Hell:

New branches

A total of four branches have been added - Callisto Rift, Europa Ruins, Shadow Halls and Noxious Mines. Each new branch has a new special level, Noxious Mines use the old Noxious Hollow, while Infernal Lock has been added to Io main route. Especially of note are Europa Ruins and Shadow Halls which feature a brand new tileset, and especially interesting special levels ;)

Monster generation

The game we all know is known for its huge fights, and Jupiter Hell can't be any different! Monsters now more often get generated in larger packs, especially at higher difficulties, leading to more exciting fights and a better challenge once you're already rocking that Master Trait of choice ;). We also balanced late game spawns better - Io and Beyond won't be a cakewalk anymore.


Wednesday - May 13, 2020

Jupiter Hell - Hands-On @ TBL

by Hiddenx, 17:54

The TurnBasedLovers checked out Jupiter Hell:

Jupiter Hell Hands-on!

“If we ain’t out of here in ten minutes, we won’t need no rocket to fly through space!“
– Alien 1979

(About girls, Doom and other serious things…)

The first time I played DOOM was back in 1993 and, at that time, I was still discovering my love for the University and for the girls who liked to “study” with me. Mind you, we’re talking about a time in which we were used to listening music on tapes and where inside our noisy personal computer there were no graphic cards! Yeah, literally another era…


In conclusion, at the moment I’m writing, the only downside of Jupiter Hell is the repetitiveness of the game which ask you just to survive, level after level, killing anything or anyone who dares to move, and I don’t know if the developers are thinking to add some content on this regard.
Other than that is quite clear that even now the game is a wonderful one-way trip to HELL!

Tuesday - September 03, 2019

Jupiter Hell - Version 0.8.2 Released

by Silver, 08:16

A new version of Jupiter Hell (0.8.2) is now available.

Jupiter Hell 0.8.2!

Friday - July 26, 2019

Jupiter Hell - Steam Early Access Launch Trailer

by Silver, 11:12

Jupiter Hell will launch on Steam Early Access August 1st.


Jupiter Hell is a turn-based shooter from the depths of cosmic hell, built on a classic roguelike framework updated with modern 3d graphics. Rip and tear zombies, demons and unmentionable monstrosities while stockpiling new weapons, abilities and equipment.

Tuesday - April 30, 2019

Jupiter Hell - Universal Soldier Update

by Silver, 20:34

A new update for Jupiter Hell about version 0.6.0.

Jupiter Hell 0.6.0 - The Universal Soldier Update

Posted by Chris Dwyer (Collaborator)
universal soldier update banner

(Re)Boot Camp

Buckle up, Marines. Today we’re starting a new cadence of updates that culminates in our Early Access release this summer. 

We want to better organize our updates around core features we’re implementing, as well as keep our current and future community informed on happenings around the studio, and lastly get more people in the beta for direct feedback for the upcoming release. We’re starting today with what we’re calling the “Universal Soldier” update, so gear up, read this briefing and get your ass to Jupiter.

The Universal Soldier

We’ve been listening to feedback and made a major gameplay change for 0.6 - universal weapon slots. Separate slots for sidearms, primary and heavy weapons were needlessly complex and not adding much to the tactical gameplay so as of today, you can carry any weapon in any slot. And yes, this means you can carry three chainguns at a time. We’re also adding a trait for Scouts and Technicians to increase the amount of weapon slots available. 

Medals, Fixed Exalted Enemies & Gameplay Tweaks

Players of our previous game that start with a D and end with an RL will recognize this next feature - Medals! They are extremely hard to get but you’ll now see Medals show up on your death screen in the player data section. Medals are gameplay achievements that you can collect over time, now including real-time tracking for speedrunners. We’ll be adding badges and more challenges in the future so stay tuned for more updates.

Additionally, we’re doing a little spring cleaning around the games features. We tweaked the level generators for Callisto and Europa with better lootbox and turret placement (check out the new rocket turrets!) as a side-effect. This should also improve the BSP generator to be more common. We also finally fixed exalted enemies to now drop good loot on death - the risk now has a reward! 

We made some significant changes are in weapon/ammo balancing:

  • Revolvers and hunter rifles now use the new .44 ammo. Both got a damage buff and were made common. 
  • Double shotguns and auto shotguns have made more common
  • Rocket launcher are more viable, as you’ll find heavy enemies carrying them
  • Revolver, hunter rifles, double shotguns and auto shotguns are now carried by enemies and have their advanced variants available

Last, in 0.5 & 0.5.2 we added full-fledged controller support as well as drones and turrets.

 PAX, Discord & Future Plans 

We were at PAX East last month and had a great time showing Jupiter Hell to players from around the world!

We got a lot of valuable feedback as people took the game for a run. Additionally, we got some press thanks to our friends at Hardcore Gamer, Sick Critic and Gaming On Linux:

Finally, as we mentioned, we’re starting the ‘road to hell’ AKA the road to Early Access. We’re going to be doing larger updates and communicating more as we get closer and closer to release. 

Another part of this initiative is growing and organizing our community better. Starting soon, we’re going to have a promotion on our Discord to get more people into the beta and incentivize you to play more. Stay tuned for more but in the meantime, join the Jupiter Hell Discord server here:

That’s it for now, Marines! See you in cosmic space hell.

Saturday - February 09, 2019

Jupiter Hell - Beta 0.5.0 Released

by Silver, 07:54

The latest update for Jupiter Hell announces version 0.5.0 and the start of closed beta.

Jupiter Hell 0.5.0 and closed beta!

Posted by ChaosForge Ltd (Creator)

First of all, due to popular demand, we've been working on pre-Early Access Beta availability. We're now happy to offer Jupiter Hell BETA via! Note that buying BETA access through will still provide you a Steam key at Early Access

If you're a backer of Jupiter Hell at the player level below BETA access and want to upgrade to BETA, e-mail us at support at chaosforge org with your Kickstarter data (backer number and e-mail used) for a 75%-off coupon for the BETA - (you will still be entitled to only one Steam key at Early Access though). This is basically the same as upgrading your pledge!

At this moment the BETA costs more than the game will cost at Early Access - this is done to be fair to Kickstarter Beta-level backers. The game will have a regular lower price at Early Access launch - tentatively scheduled for June!

Biolabs massacre! Biolabs massacre!

Beta 0.5.0 released!

Since 0.4.0 we've been hard at work on the Vulkan renderer (and following that, OSX support) - the task proved to be more tricky than we anticipated, and while we're not quite there yet, we're pretty close! Apart from that we've implemented player data, several new traits, exalted (champion) enemy groups, did a full overhaul of level generation parameters, started implementing modular weapons, and in the background created (but not yet implemented in-game) the visuals for Io!

Filling up player data...
Filling up player data...

Coming up next!

Early Access is might be still almost half a year away, but time is ticking! We're committed to both finishing long term tasks (Vulkan, I'm looking at you!), as well as seriously upping up implementation of gameplay systems. Below is a list of things that we hope to achieve for the 0.6.0 release!

  • more level generators
  • more interesting level interactions
  • more enemies
  • turrets and more weaponary!
  • AI upgrades
  • Vulkan and OSX port
  • Io!

You can check the Steam news posts for detailed changelogs!

Tuesday - December 04, 2018

Jupiter Hell - Beta 0.40 Released

by Silver, 22:27

Beta access has arrived for Jupiter Hell which is now up to version 0.40.

Jupiter Hell 0.4.0 (beta) released!

The next milestone in the Jupiter Hell Beta has been released! If you have Beta access, make sure to restart steam to force the update. If you have Beta access, but never received the Steam key, please get in touch with us.

We’re fully on schedule towards an end of May 2019 Early Access release! Many of you asked if there’s an option to get access to the beta before Early Access - we are working on it. In the meantime, do not forget to wishlist the game on steam!  

Demon hunting
Demon hunting

Progress between 0.3 and 0.4

We’ve managed to implement most of the things that we’ve planned for 0.4 and even more! The major highlights are:

  • three player classes, each with it’s own sets of traits!
  • special levels - 3 on Callisto, 3 on Europa, 2 in the Beyond!
  • in-game configuration
  • improved AI
  • better loot generation
  • utility slot and utility items
  • upgraded audio and more music! 

Road to Beta 0.5

Next major milestone is Beta 0.5.0, with minor versions scheduled every two weeks. 0.5.0 is tentatively scheduled for 1st of February, and hopefully will include all of the following: 

  • Io
  • player data and first challenges
  • more items, traits, master traits
  • improved level generation
  • Vulkan port finished
  • hopefully OSX version
  • ...and more!

Also new weapons, lots of new weapons…  

Guns, lots of guns... Guns, lots of guns...

Tuesday - March 13, 2018

Jupiter Hell - Alpha Released

by Silver, 04:38

The Alpha for Jupiter Hell is now available to Alpha level backers.

Jupiter Hell Alpha released!

After many months of hard work, with much love and support from our community, we have now shipped Jupiter Hell’s first Alpha release! We're now on Alpha 0.0.1, which is a good start. This is a mega improvement over what we’ve delivered so far, including:

  • The game is fully beatable - 15 levels split into 5 level episodes with an endboss at level 15, with extra variety in the early levels
  • Basic systems for most parts of the game are in place, though everything is being constantly iterated on and improved
  • No save/load just yet, but you definitely can die and even get a high score

Head over to the forums to read release the notes and download the alpha if you’re an alpha level backer. It’s available for both Windows and Linux.


As seen above we’ve improved the physics. Yes, this is still a turn-based game :P


There are no restrictions on our alpha backers streaming the game or putting recordings on YouTube - we just ask that you share them round! You can watch PyroL get to grips with the game on his channel.

Coming Next

Our next big milestone will be the Alpha midpoint, intended for June. This will represent the complete minimal game experience, with all major technical tasks finished. That includes the following key details:

  • Engine - Vulkan backend
  • Engine - Animation system overhaul
  • Engine - Volumetric algorithms (for explosions & light)
  • Gameplay - Save/load
  • Gameplay - Final overhaul of cover/dodge
  • Gameplay - Base set of traits and character customisation
  • Gameplay - Item variety
  • Gameplay - More environment interaction
  • Art - Callisto and Europa base art complete
  • Art - Animations overhauled
  • Art - Base UI art complete
  • Art - Base set of monsters complete

Road to Beta

Beta backers are probably feeling hungry to get their hands on the game right now. Well the good news is we’re working towards that, with a plan for a major milestone beta release later this year. This will have DoomRL levels of playability, content and features (minus the crazy number of challenges and difficulty levels), engine work closed apart from optimization, special effects, porting, editor improvement. All “known bugs” should be addressed. Our tentative release date for this is September, but please be kind to us if that slips as we work towards these major goals.


Thursday - March 01, 2018

Jupiter Hell - Development Videos

by Silver, 09:34

Jupiter Hell continues to make progress. If you want to keep up with development you can check out the twitch videos of Kornel Kisielewicz as he develops the game.

Wednesday - December 13, 2017

Jupiter Hell - Year One Update

by Silver, 20:23

The Year 1 update for Jupiter Hell.

Year 1 update!

It has been one year since you Kickstarted Jupiter Hell! 12 months ago our Kickstarter completed at 117% of our target amount, and since then we’ve been hard at work to turn your generosity into a fantastic game :)  

There have been some delays along the way, but we’re at a really good point right now. Some developments of late:

  • We’ve expanded our team to 10 people, including 2 new programmers
  • Our custom engine is working great, with Linux builds, optimised physics and light systems, and of course the unique adaptive animation system that makes the game so fluid to play
  • We now have 6 separate environment tilesets, each with color schemes and varied amounts of decorative elements, so we’ll have diverse and interesting levels to explore
  • Jupiter Hell is now populated with several new enemies, including the imp, fat demon, clawed demon, combat drone and summoner, with others in the production queue (these are all placeholder names, incidentally)
  • Base gameplay mechanics are integrated, with the code for deeper elements already in place and ready for rapid expansion
  • ASCII mode! 

What next?

Our next Inner Circle build is expected by the turn of the year. This will be a meaty build for our IC fans, and we expect a big amount of adjustments based on that.

We then plan to release Jupiter Hell’s first alpha build to our Alpha backers in March! Our roadmap to alpha includes a number of key games features:  

  • Full game UI (though still mostly text-based placeholder)
  • Character creation and character advancement (xp, leveling, etc)
  • Inventory system, loot and ‘loot boxes’ (the fun kind!)
  • Initial FX system, for cool explosions, shot effects and more polish on the visuals
  • Many other fixes and polishing on technical features and quality of life improvements to make the game feel more playable and fun

Once we have the alpha released we’ll publish our roadmap to beta!

Monday - October 09, 2017

Jupiter Hell - October Update

by Silver, 03:04

Jupiter Hell is a turn based science fiction roguelike. Here is the latest update.

Jupiter Hell October Update

Posted by Darren Grey

Firstly, some apologies are in order. We've been poor at communication these last few months. Though we've had regular tweets and Twitch streams, but have been neglecting proper updates on Kickstarter. We're very sorry! We're developers, not natural marketing people, but we shall try to do better.

We've also had some delays in the delivery schedule. The original plan stated an Early Access version by November. Development is going very steadily, but with some things taking longer than anticipated and some of the development schedule being rearranged. Our current plan is to shortly release our third pre-alpha to the Inner Circle, and then the alpha by the year end.

Further development updates:

  • Two new programmers have joined the team. Olgierd is working on rendering and resource management. Emil is working on the game's audio engine.
  • We're now integrating engine tools into the game which will make the Jupiter Hell more open to modding. This was originally planned to be done much later, but is far more effective if done at an early stage.
  • Physics in the game can been optimised, meaning it will perform much better on a wide variety of machines.
  • Shadows have been improved, and a new optional shadow algorithm will be available for stronger hardware (see comparison below).
  • Resource management has been added to the game.
  • We have a new sound engine ready for implementation, with Roland working on the soundtrack and audio samples.
  • New tilesets and enemies have been added.



Ewa and Lukasz have been busy on the art side, including producing these lovely new concept pieces:

Fat Guy ConceptThe 'Fat Guy' - currently being implemented in-game

Summoner concept
Concept art of the 'Summoner'

Information about

Jupiter Hell

Developer: ChaosForge

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: Roguelike
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unlimited
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Released: 2021-08-05
· Publisher: ChaosForge