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Two Worlds

From the website:

Key Features

  • Offering a freedom of choice unseen in other Role Playing Games. The world literally comes to life as it immediately reacts to the player's actions and changes accordingly -offering new and exciting challenges.
  • Strong, non-linear storyline. Players can shape their own story by choosing the path of conducting the main conflict and resolving meaningful side-quests.
  • Spectacular and dynamically choreographed fights. The combat system combines intuitive steering, tactical challenges and movie-like visual experiences.
  • Free and unlimited character development. Players can experiment with different careers and even reverse their former choices with the help of "career changers".
  • Animals to be ridden on. Players can travel and fight on various animals from horses to tamed lizards and beasts.
  • A choice of traps and snares are at the Player's disposal making the gameplay both rich and flexible.
  • Huge variety of items to be found. Randomly generated pieces of equipment, thematic sets and combined items offer the space to experiment and satisfy the need to collect.
  • Wide range of beautifully rendered terrains: from high mountains to seashores and deep caves with all of the locations featuring ultra sharp texturing and stunning design.
  • Hyper-realistic tree physics and sophisticated weather system make the world come to life as has never been seen before.
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence that manages group behaviour of large virtual communities.
  • Up to 8 players in the multiplayer mode.
  • Symphonic music to make the experience more emotional and memorable.

Building Characters

Two Worlds offers more character development than any of its competitors and at the same time makes it very easy to understand and navigate through the process. The class system serves to help novice players jump right into action, but does not limit the experimentation of a more seasoned RPG player. All characters can learn any skill and master them later. There is also a challenge for many guilds to keep their knowledge a secret. Players will have to earn their respect and trust to lay hands on the most powerful of skills. The separation of basic development from specialization encourages exploration of the game world - searching for opportunities to learn unique abilities and free character customization. Eventually, it also strengthens the bond between the player and their characters.

Characters advance quickly to reward players for their efforts. The whole process is also, always, reversible. There are characters, called "career changers" who are able to undo previous character development decisions and free certain amount of skill points to redistribute them again. The service is costly but ensures that nothing hinders the player's creativity.


The real time half-automatic combat in Two Worlds is very dynamic. Lavish visuals and stunning choreography make for exciting and memorable scenes and attract action-hungry players. The real power of combat, however, lies in its mechanics. Combat is very tactical in its core. The number of possible tactics should satisfy all RPG gamers - giving them the opportunity to test their skills and use their imagination.

The combat is organized in a sequence of actions. The basic ones are launched automatically (i.e. simple slash with the sword). However, special actions, skills, or items must be activated by players. The more challenging the opponent, the more skill and tactics it will require to outwit them, but at the same time it will be possible to face a stronger foe and win. Players will discover different ways to use and combine skills. They will seek for weak points in the opponent's defence and actively create situations to utilize this knowledge. They will set traps, hit and run, or just cut their way through hordes of weaker monsters.

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Information about

Two Worlds

Developer: Reality Pump

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Action-RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: 40-60 hours
Voice-acting: Full

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2007-08-24
· Publisher: ZUXXEZ Entertainment

North America
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2007-08-24
· Publisher: Southpeak Interactive

North America
· Platform: Xbox 360
· Released: 2007-07-24
· Publisher: Southpeak Interactive