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Cyber Knights: Flashpoint - June Progress Report

by Hiddenx, 2022-07-02 20:53:57

Henriquejr spotted the newest progress report for Cyber Knights: Flashpoint:

June Progress Report

Security system rebuild, official UX design, content pipeline is packed, new animation options

June has roared by in a flurry of work and progress. The alpha’s received two big new updates, from which we are gathering piles of great feedback and play statistics. Our goal is to finish implementing the final feature sets in July, which will help get the entire team free to create content and polish for another big (months long!!) push – stretching for that 40+ hour goal for the game.

Launch Planning
We'll start with the most exciting news first: we’re closing in on a launch window! All of our backers' alpha participation has been hugely helpful in driving this forward – the gameplay feedback, rapid bug squashing, and clever ideas that have flooded into the Discord have been excellent. While we haven’t set a specific date yet, we can now say with confidence that Cyber Knights: Flashpoint will release to Steam Early Access in early 2023.

Security System Rebuild
A big improvement to the game this month was a rebuild of the game’s central security AI. The original security system was feeling too inflexible between levels and the security escalations being tested were limited to more enemy reinforcements arriving. With the rebuild, we’ve allowed every level to define its own security parameters – some levels can have lax security while others are touchy and quick to react; the worst can pop off escalations every turn.
In addition to customizing the pacing of security escalations level-by-level, we’ve also greatly expanded the tools security AIs have at their disposal to make your life... interesting. Reinforcements are still a key event, but the AI now has the ability to reset all disabled security devices, to increase its own security escalation rate, to enable the lethal setting on some security features or to buff all its troops. This has opened up a wide area for future expansion that will help differentiate megacorps and street gangs, giving each their own escalation profiles and powers.


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