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Deus Ex - Revision released on Steam

by Silver, 2015-10-14 09:02:55

There is a new mod available through Steam or Moddb that updates Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition.

The improvements are as follows:

Deus Ex: Revision is a community-made overhaul of the 2000 classic. It features new environments, new music, and new world-building detail. It also bundles in some of the best modifications that the fanbase has made over the years, including Direct3D 9 rendering, high-resolution textures, high-detail 3D

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista 64-bit
Processor: Dual-core 2.0 GHz
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: 256 MB DirectX 9-compatible GPU
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
Additional Notes: A faster CPU will deliver better performance. We do not recommend using a CPU slower than 2.0 Ghz. 32-bit operating systems are not supported.


Available Through Steam

Deus Ex: Revision is freely available through Steam. Everyone who owns Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition through Steam will find it available to install in their personal Steam Library.

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