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Gauntlet - Preview @ Shack News

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-06 06:16:56

Shack News has posted a preview of Arrowheads modern day HD remake of Gauntlet.

Fans of the original will be familiar with Arrowhead's update. Like in Magicka, the game balances co-op and competitive play, requiring workmanship to defeat the enemy forces, while encouraging roughhousing when fighting for food. For the demo, friendly fire was turned off, but the producer informed us that the final game would have the option to turn it on--something that's likely to lead to some unintentionally hilarious moments.

Along with the atmospheric lighting and level design, the update also adds boss battles that will test your team to its limits. At the conclusion of the demo, a large mummy-like figure arose from his throne, yelling out vigorously before the screen faded to black.

While Gauntlet would be a good fit for consoles, it's currently a PC-only release. By keeping true to its original design, the Gauntlet demo was an entertaining good-hearted dungeon crawl. Well, good-hearted until someone shoots the steak dinner.

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